PowerFlashPoint 3.4 — Review Score

Created: Thursday, November 13, 2008, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 3:49 pm

We just did a review on PowerFlashPoint 3.4 on Indezine.com.

This review was based on the FlashPPT Evaluate benchmark presentation — here are the individual scores:

Product PowerFlashPoint 3.4
Evaluation Date November 13, 2008
Feature Score Maximum
Bullets and Bullet Levels 4 5
Animated Bullets 4.5 5
Pictures (and Picture Rotation) 5 5
Animated Picture 5 5
Picture with Alpha Channel 5 5
Linked Picture 5 5
Clip Art and Clip Art, Recolored 3.5 5
Clip Art, Animated and Rotated 5 5
Shapes, Fills, and Lines without transparency 3 5
Shapes, Fills, and Lines with transparency 3 5
Shapes, Fills, and Lines with entry animations 4 5
Overlapping text boxes with transparency 4 5
Geometry and mutual positioning of shapes, arrows and text boxes 5 5
Geometry and mutual positioning of slide objects – alignment 3 5
Text formatting 5 5
Animations and transitions 4 5
Embedded Flash movie 5 5
Linked movie clip 5 5
Background music and transition sounds 0 5
Narration 0 5
Other Scores Score Maximum
Interface 6 10
PowerPoint 2007 Support 8 10
Help and Support 4 10
Output 5 10
Price 3 10
Total 104 150
Percentage 69.3 100

Note: All scores are provided by the Indezine test team, and are the opinion of the individual tester — all results are double-checked and the reviews go through a QC process.

PowerFlashPoint 3.4 -- Review Score

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